LCD Touch Panel


User Interface and the industrial controller to support various types of communication . Processor with a built-in 32-bit Memory inside the mass , making the operation speed and , USB , WiFi , RS – 232 , RS – 485 equipped with a communication function , such as for industrial field . When a user control by using the Touch pad Key pad and reported directly control the screen . Firmware also is composed without using the Operating System it suitable for fast System Booting time need


Item Basic specifications
Hardware CPU 32 Bit Processor (AdStar), 108MHz
  Memory RAM 16M, ROM 512K byte, SD card
Communication USB USB 2.0, Full Speed, Micro Connector
  Serial RS-232, RS-485
  Ethernet WiFi
Display LCD Color, 10.2″ or 7″ or 5″
Input Touch 4 Wire Resistive
KeyPad Key : 3 x 8 Matrix, LED 7 EA
Sound Form MP3, Wave
Volume Mono, 2 Watt
QUALITIES Booting time Within 3 seconds
size mm(5.6” standard) horizontal 130, Vertical 103, Height 35