Embossing Machine


Field type is mainly used as an equipment suitable for the Card issued by the Bank and the Card companies , student ID , membership cards , etc. Membership card is suitable for various types of production


Item Basic specifications
Hardware CPU ㆍARM7 (32bit)
  Memory ㆍRAM : 16 MByte

ㆍFlash ROM : 2 MByte

  USB ㆍHigh Speed, USB2.0
  Ethernet ㆍTCP/IP,DHCP
  LCD ㆍ2.0” Color LCD
Embossing Speed ㆍOne Card / 15sec
  Area ㆍ12 lines / 31 charecters
  Drum Capacity ㆍ80 or 120 characters
Tipping Area ㆍ11 lines
  Ribbon Type ㆍGold, Silver, Black…
Control   Motor control simultaneous 4